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End-Time Prophetic Word Global Ministries is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Surely, it is no coincidence that you have come across this ministry as you have been divinely directed. We are a Holy Bible-oriented ministry and we take every word of the Bible at face value. If you are a seeker of biblical truth, your search has ended. If you are like ourselves and are fed up with Apostate Christianity and politically correct preachers, this is the place for you. Our pastor, Apostle Reginald M. Graham, conveys the true word of God raw & uncut and is unapologetic as it pertains to declaring the truth. He is truly a voice crying aloud in the wilderness. This is one of the very few ministries left in the world where you will hear messages akin to what the 1st Century Apostles and Disciples declared.


We are set for the defense of the gospel and we are fully persuaded by the Book of Jude to earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered to the Saints. We are striving diligently to remain faithful and loyal to our Lord. Also, we seek to uphold the unadulterated, uncompromised, and incorruptible gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ--his Hebraic name: Yahoshua Ha Moshiah. Please feel free to view our many selections of messages and send your comments, inquiries, likes, or dislikes. You may contact Apostle Reginald M. Graham at (337) 401-0722. We truly appreciate you and may the Lord richly bless you!

Our Weekly Schedule

Prayer sessions & church services will take place during the following days and times:

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End-Time Prophetic Word Global Ministries

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