February 11, 2017

Donald Trump Was Selected to Bring the U.S.A. to the Abyss of Hell

Apostle Graham talks about Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. Essentially, the 2016 Election was not an actual election, but rather it is a SELECTION. Every president from George Washington to Donald Trump was put in office with an ulterior motive and a purpose that is unbeknownst to the masses. Sure, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but that does not matter. The powers that be already know who is going to win an election before it happens as do the candidates involved. Politicians are some of the best actors out there and they tell people what they want to hear. Many people felt that Trump was a horrible human being, but they voted for him anyway due to his brutal honesty. This strategy was all a part of Trump's plan to win the election. He along with the powers that be knew that the masses were easy to manipulate and are tired of the same thing happening in every election for U.S. President. Thus, Trump and the elite of this nation devised the perfect plan to deceive the people by introducing a candidate who speaks his mind and says what people want to hear. The Illuminati and other secret societies are indeed real. A meeting is held every couple of years in order to determine the state of affairs in the world as well as the people who will fill certain political positions. Also, isn't it convenient that Trump originally ran for president a few years ago as a Democrat before switching over to a Republican? This makes him nothing more than a hypocrite. The only thing that Trump did not change was his attitude and personality. In that sense, he is the same old Trump with an unapologetic mindset and stance. He was recently asked if he had anything to repent to God for, to which he answered "No." No man or woman on this planet is without sin, so this tells us that Trump is of the Devil and he will be the president to bring the United States to its knees. He is already trying to separate us by severing ties with our allies and insulting our biggest enemy nations. Trump was also selected to fulfill the scriptures and help destroy "Mystery, Babylon" that is spoken about in Revelation 17:5. We hope that you enjoy this message and are able to learn something from it. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Apostle Reginald M. Graham at (337) 401-0722. Also, if you love this word, please subscribe to our website to see the latest updates. Thank you and may God bless you!


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