January 18, 2017

The Abomination of Mega Churches

Hello everyone & welcome to another powerful message brought to you by Apostle Reginald M. Graham, the overseer of End-Time Prophetic Word Global Ministries. In this profound video, Apostle Graham discusses mega churches, which are churches with more than 2,000 members. Often times, the preachers at these mega churches are wealthy and famous on a level that is comparable to those of rock star and celebrity status. Such superficial attributes cause people to gravitate to their congregations. With these churches, there is no conviction being propagated to the people or any repentance being preached for the forgiveness of their sins. This is a crucial teaching that is ostensibly missing from many churches today and there are only a few remnants who continue to abide by God and preach his true word as opposed to twisting the scriptures, conforming to the world, and fusing human pleasures into God’s house. The pastors of these churches are greedy and use the word of God as well as their members' wealth for their own monetary gain. As a matter of fact, the aforementioned things are so overwhelming and abhorring that Christianity has gotten a bad reputation and makes people ashamed to call themselves Christians. Apostle Graham goes on to list a large number of big-name preachers as well as their net worth and annual salaries who have gotten rich off God and made a mockery out of religion. He also gives us the statistics as far as which states have the most mega churches in addition to how many people are in attendance on a weekly basis. It is also noteworthy to mention that there are at least 1,700 mega churches in the United States alone that come in the form of denominations such as Presbyterian, Catholic, Seventh-Day Adventists, Lutheran, New Ageism, Secular Humanism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Methodist, among so many others. He does this to demonstrate how God's house—the church—has been turned into a den of thieves, as stated in Matthew 21:13 and Luke 19:46. Jesus Christ himself was not wealthy from a monetary or Earthly possession standpoint, but he was so spiritually. He had no ulterior motive in preaching the word of God to people or taking disciples under his tutelage like the money-hungry preachers of the modern world.

Needless to say, given that the love for money being the root of all evil, there should be no surprise that there is a cornucopia of evil going on within these churches with nearly every sin imaginable being committed. Preachers are condoning these sinful behaviors and even performing these acts themselves. Furthermore, the overseers of these mega churches are conforming to Pagan practices and customs and even bringing them into the church in order to gain more people and profit, the latter of which is obtained from manipulation as well as the membership of the former. These churches are worldly in nature due to the on-goings and customs that have been taken from the world. With the recent death of Bishop Eddie Long, we see that God is not playing games, but is rather very serious about what goes on in these churches and how his word is being treated. If these people continue to ignore God and his word, he will destroy them as well as the people who fell for their lies and the worldliness of our society. We are not preaching hate or be condescending towards others, but rather trying to convince people that lying, cheating, stealing, gambling, homosexuality, idolatry, drinking, and smoking are acts of transgression and those who commit such acts are workers of iniquity according to the Bible. Even yoga, a popular practice that many people deem as a way to exercise and relax, is deeply rooted in Paganism and occultism. Church leaders who do not warn their congregation of this or preach repentance in the name of God are promoting false Christianity and defying God’s divine will. We hope that you enjoy this message. As always, if you have any questions or comments, you can contact Apostle Reginald M. Graham himself at (337) 401-0722. Thank you for watching and may God bless you!


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