January 1, 2017

The Strong Delusion Has Begun

Greetings to you all! In End-Time Prophetic Word Global Ministries’ first video on this first day of 2017 (1-1-17), Apostle Reginald M. Graham says that delusions have begun to formulate in the minds of people. God already knows who will be saved and who will not. Needless to say, those who are not saved will prove it in time as they are the ones who will fall victim to these delusions prior to the coming of the Anti-Christ. Delusions come in the form of lies that have been told for centuries to deceive the masses as well as in the form of technological advancement. Other forms of delusions include teachings that polygamy, adultery, fornication, drinking, smoking, gambling, selling drugs, and other sinful acts are okay with God. Such teaching and beliefs are erroneous and will cause both leaders and followers to descend straight into Hell.

Furthermore, Apostle Graham emphasizes the importance of truth in our everyday lives as well as in the Holy Bible. The love for the truth is our only weapon and protection against the lies and deceptions that are being circulated to us. Having love for religion and love for the truth is not the same thing because there is only one true religion and that is TRUE Christianity, the progenitor of which was Jesus Christ. This kind of Christianity is not to be confused with the Christianity that many people worship and detest today, which has become popularized in the Western Hemisphere. All other religions came after that which was founded by Jesus Christ and thus, promote religious traditions and laws that encompass Pagan customs. Those who seek the truth and avoid or abandon falsehoods will be blessed by God and shall find truth and salvation. We hope that you all enjoy this video. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Apostle Reginald M. Graham directly at (337) 401-0722. Once again, thanks for watching & may God bless you!


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