January 28, 2017

We Are in the Midst of a Catastrophic Spiritual Famine

In this video, Apostle Graham explains how the scriptures are being fulfilled given the current state of affairs and on-goings of our world. It was said that there would be a time in which people would travel across the four corners of the Earth, but no matter how hard they searched, they would fail to find the word of God. We are seeing this in mass quantities today as many people have fallen prey to the strong delusion that is being perpetuated by Satan and his worldly ministers. The word of God is the truth, but people unfortunately do not want to hear it anymore. Those who actually want the truth will not be able to find it anywhere. Additionally, the lines between the truth and lies have been switched around with lies appealing to the masses and the truth offending them. The false preachers and prophets who tell lies and sugarcoat the truth to accommodate sin and worldly possessions will be the ones to send their blind followers to the depths of Hell. We hope that you enjoyed this message and if so, you can contact Apostle Reginald M. Graham at (337) 401-0722. Thank you for watching and may God bless you.


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